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Christian Saviane

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2 · F

Zac Cox

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4 · F

Kurt Butler

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10 · G

Jordan Sing

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20 · F

Jason Kempton

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21 · G

Adam Kempton

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22 · F

Aaron Dolny

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23 · G

Nathan Cross

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31 · G

Keenan Abbott

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32 · G

Jeannot Basima

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43 · G

Ryan Borzager

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Adam Todd-Thomas

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Adam Todd-Thomas Assistant Coach

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Basketball Career & Bio

Adam Todd-Thomas joins Global Squad for his first year this summer. Coach Todd-Thomas recently graduated Cum Laude Honor Roll from Southwestern Christian University where he served as a Student Assistant Coach this past year. He spent the previous two years as a player at Southwestern Christian as well. 

Coach Todd-Thomas hails from Brisbane, Australia where he is a three-time high school state champion, winning MVP in two of those championship runs. He holds the school record for assists in a career at his high school. He has accumulated a 46-5 record while coaching at Faith Lutheran College and Redlands. During those for season at Faith Lutheran and Redlands he won 3 state championships and a final four appearance.