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Christian Saviane

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2 · F

Zac Cox

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4 · F

Kurt Butler

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10 · G

Jordan Sing

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20 · F

Jason Kempton

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21 · G

Adam Kempton

Global squad profile no photo small
22 · F

Aaron Dolny

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23 · G

Nathan Cross

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31 · G

Keenan Abbott

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32 · G

Jeannot Basima

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43 · G

Ryan Borzager

Borzager r small

Adam Todd-Thomas

Adam toddthomas 1738 jvb small

Ryan Borzager Head Coach

Borzager r medium

Basketball Career & Bio

Ryan Borzager returns for his third year with Global Squad. Coach Borzager is currently the Post Grad Assistant Coach at Fork Union Military Academy where he helped lead them to a 19-10 record this past year. Prior to spending the past two years at Fork Union he coached at Indiana University South Bend and Elizabethtown High School. 

Coach Borzager graduated from  Elizabethtown College in Pennsylvania where he was a member of the basketball team for 4 years and team captain his senior year.